Service Design Jam Jury

Last weekend was the Global Service Design Jam. The GSJ is a non-profit activity organized by an informal network of service designers, who all share a common passion for growing the field of service design and customer experience.

Each year ‘Jams’ are hosted in simultaneous locations around the world, and participating teams have 48 hours to design and prototype a service focused on a relevant theme or topic. This year I was lucky enough to be on the Jury for Copenhagen’s event that was held at Aalborg University’s Campus.

Over the course of the afternoon the jury were presented with 5 service solutions that ranged from a skill sharing platform, to an informal PR service for budding musicians to a travel diary tool. The participants did a great job of rapidly identify opportunity areas, generating concepts and prototyping key touch points.

After reflecting a little on the presentations I saw, it really made me think about the need for experience prototyping to be deeply embedded in the service design process. The teams did an amazing job at framing new opportunities and concepts, but if they had longer the projects would have really benefited from some more prototyping to really focus the ideas and elevate the primary value in the concepts.

Overall a very inspiring sunday and a great job done by all!