Design Smart Products

Delta’s IdemoLab and the Danish Design Center teamed up this week to create a two-day participatory conference on designing smart products. Together with SONY CIID Research fellow, Satoshi Nakamaru, I attended the conference to get some inspiration and insights on the current state of smart products.

As a trending buzz word in the design industry, it was refreshing to attend a conference dedicated to this somewhat fuzzy subject. Four speakers approached this topic from very different angles, from the more conventional view of textiles & media to a provoking talk on ‘analog’ smart products (i.e. products that are mechanically smart but don’t have tech).

While no one disagreed on the fact that smart products are already entering our lives, there were many diverse opinions on how the future will look and how this is going to change our interactions with products and vice versa. Henrik Føhns, conference speaker and a host on the Danish Broadcasting Corporation show “Harddisken”, summed it up well by going to the root of smart products: “What problem do you solve?”.

The highlight of the conference were the ‘cross pollination’ sessions. Bringing together people with different backgrounds, ranging from engineers to design researchers, lead to some great discussions and views on a smarter future.

We are looking forward to next years event!