Canoeing & Cocktails

15km north of Copenhagen, our team of designers set out for a Saturday of team building by canoe in the Mølle canal. Aimed in more or less straight lines we entered the Canadian canoes to take on an obstacle course along the river.

Halfway through challenging tasks like canoe ping-ponging and water borne charades with our canoe partners, we stopped for woodland cocktails and lunch.

The concept of canoeing and (moderate) cocktailing proved to be a successful combination, even while the sky threatened with rain in the foreboding Danish spring weather. 

We can highly recommend “Sticker Stalker” the “stick-a-sticker-on-a-colleague-without-them-noticing” game we played, which created a real sense of paranoia (how’s that for team building!) The person with the most stickers at the end of the day invents a new game for next time.

Finally a winning team was crowned and we headed back to the city to dry off. The night ended with a lovely dinner, flaming cocktails and lots of bad dancing. Good times.

Watch out for stickers!