Workshops co-designing for vulnerable young people

Recently CIID Consulting wrapped up an exciting second phase of a social innovation service in collaboration with innovation specialist Jennie Winhall and the Rockwool Foundation, a Danish research organisation who’s work contributes to the improvement of environmental conditions and development in the Danish society.

In the first phase of the project, CIID conducted in-depth qualitative research with young people who are encountering difficulties when seeking education and/or work to get a full understanding of their needs, behaviours, and individual and systemic limitations. A concept was designed and, in the second phase, CIID facilitated testing through customised workshops with relevant stakeholders. Psychologists, SME’s, large corporations and young people were presented the concept and were invited to iterate and develop the design using CIID tools.

The collaborative workshops created a fruitful and inspiring environment where stakeholders’ needs and ideas could be further uncovered. Based on workshop outcomes, CIID iterated on the design and developed new service scenarios, a service blueprint and a prototyping plan for the following phase of the project.

The final concept developed is a networking platform that creates hands-on project experiences for young people, enabling them to build a holistic skills journey on their way towards education or work. It is a space where young people and companies meet and join projects based on soft and hard skills, rather than educational qualifications. A support structure built into the service acts as tutoring role, addressing young people’s individual needs as they move through the process.

The Rockwool Foundation is now exploring and iterating on the service in a real-life experience prototype, involving stakeholders from companies and young people in the Roskilde municipality.