Core77 Honors!

Congratulations to our team member, Francesca Desmarais, for being recognised with two Core77 honours! Francesca received a a Student Notable honour for her project Circulate in the Social Impact category and a Student Runner Up honour for her project Quick Fix in the Service Design category.

Each year, the Core77 Design Awards recognise excellence in all areas of design enterprise and celebrate outstanding execution, insight, creativity and intent across 14 categories. As an office, we always look forward to seeing the inspirational projects and this year we’re especially proud of Francesca, one of our newest team members, for her winning projects!

Two of Francesca’s projects from her work last year in CIID’s Interaction Design Programme received student honours:

Circulate – Core77 Student Notable, Social Impact Design

With shifting energy infrastructures, an increased emphasis on energy efficiency, and a more volatile climate, Circulate explores how we as individuals can take control of our everyday energy actions. The service consists of a series of micro-sensors that translate thermodynamic energy flows into actionable, energy efficient tips to help occupants optimise their indoor comfort. For individuals, Circulate increases confidence in energy micro-actions and saves money on utility bills. If used at scale, across an entire building or city, Circulate can help achieve significant reductions in energy use. Circulate was Francesca’s final project at CIID, developed and prototyped with Copenhagen residents.

“A fresh take on energy monitoring and behaviour change – in this case, a responsive environment.”
– Jury Commentary

Quick Fix – Core77 Student Runner Up, Service Design

quick_fixQuick Fix is a service designed for the Copenhagen Metro that provides cyclists with ease of transportation and reliable service while their bike is being fixed. In a city of 650,000 bikes, where there are more bikes than people, Quick Fix explores how the Copenhagen Metro could better support the bicycle culture of the city. Through the Quick Fix service, a cyclist can submit a request to get their bike fixed and negotiate with a mechanic. The cyclist can then park their bike at a Quick Fix station, located at any Metro station, receive a Metro ticket, and comfortably continue on their travels. The traveling mechanic will come to the station, repair and service the bike, and then leave the bike with a personal message. Quick Fix was developed with Arunima Singh, Claudia Ciarpella, and Myoungeun Kim during the IDP’s Service Design course.

“I love the prototyping approach. A great project and I can’t wait to use this in my own town.”
– Jury Commentary

Francesca joined the CIID Consulting team as interaction and service designer in February. She has a background in environmental and social design and is passionate about designing products and services that help people navigate global issues while leading more empowered and dignified lives. Prior to joining the CIID Consulting team, she worked as the Strategy and Research Lead for Architecture 2030, a top U.S. think tank in low-carbon architecture. Francesca grew up on five different continents and has a bachelors in International Political Economy.

Congratulations again to Francesca and her teammates and don’t forget to vote for the Core77 Community Choice Award and be entered to win a free ticket to attend the 2015 Core77 Conference.