Applied Service Design Techniques

This week myself and John Lynch from Future Cities Catapult have been teaching a one week course on Applied Service Design Techniques, as part of CIID’s summer school.

Service design is a relevant discipline both for private industry and the public sector. At CIID Consulting, we are constantly developing new service design thinking and methods. We teach service design, and we continually help our clients to improve and reimagine their existing service offerings.


CIID’s approach to service design is hands-on, iterative and collaborative. Our practice is about making our thinking tangible to speed up the development process and mitigate risk.

Services are made up of many touch points: printed materials, websites, face-to-face contact, physical objects and more. Designing a service is a complicated task. In this 5 day course we have been providing the participants with the skills to understand user needs, come up with great service ideas, communicate these ideas well and finally prototype aspects of a service with real users.

The format of the course has taken place in a studio environment and has included a mix of presentations, techniques, examples and practical exercises. The skills learnt will be transferable across different sectors and scales of service.

DSC09910 DSC09895