The sun’s out, it’s time to race!

While most of Copenhagen last night were attending Roskilde (Denmark’s famous music festival), Francesca and Eilidh from the consulting team decided to take on a slightly different event!

Copenhagen’s local running club was hosting the MINI Strandparkløb by Amager Beach. Despite some extreme heat conditions and a bit of a bumpy course, Francesca and Eilidh managed to finish the race in pretty credible times.  The girls were joined by Shelby from Tomorrow Lab, who is in town right now working with CIID’s Nest. The winners of the 5km race also managed very immersive times of 15.18 mins for the mens, and 18.21 mins for the women’s.

It goes without saying the beachside setting also provided the optimal location for a post race dip!

Long live the Danish Summer!