Joining Pragma Conference!

We’re proud to announce that Martina Pagura, one of our lead prototypers has been selected to jump on stage and share her thoughts at Pragma Conference this October, the major event dedicated to iOS and OS X development in Italy.

As designers, we build prototypes to talk with users, understand ourselves, and communicate with the rest of our team and clients. Martina will share her extensive experiences using prototypes to get to the right solution—and her thoughts about how prototypes are an essential tools in the design process. CIID Consulting is excited for Martina to share with an audience of developers and hope her point of view will bring an interesting perspective to the conversation.

Pragma Conference will take place in Florence the 9&10 October 2015. There will be two full days of workshops and talks by international speakers. If you’re interested or in the area, please stop by and say hi!

Read more about the conference here: