What’s it like to Be An App?

It is always an honour to be selected to speak at game changing design conferences like Design Matters 2015. We sent, Rory Hamilton and Julia Frederking to talk about  our views on digital design.

Prototyping and user testing is at the core of any innovative process of designing an app. We believe that anyone can build an app, but to do it well, you must engage your users right from the start. Experience prototyping is an excellent way of testing the desirability and feasibility of concepts, rapidly learning from your users and really getting to grips with what it’s like to be the service/app. 

IMG_6601 IMG_3923We showed our audience at Design Matters that a prototype could be any type of simple expression that enacts the experience you’re trying to build and allows the user to try it out for real. Prototyping while an idea is still in infancy allows you to quickly test your assumptions with your users, iterate on-the-fly and avoid spending precious time moving in the wrong direction.

We equipped the multidisciplinary teams of engineers, coders, UX designers and managers with the process, tools and templates needed to design a simple digital experience in a physical way, test it on each other and communicate its core value. 

 IMG_1844 copyIn a fun and active 1.5 hours, the teams prototyped a wide range of concepts which included a platform for sharing rare plants, an excuse-generating app and a service that brings your selfie back to the 80’s.


IMG_3943It was a delight to work with a such a captive, engaged and diverse audience at Design Matters 2015 and we look forward to the next opportunity.