Your grandparent’s home may soon be smarter than yours

In June, Philips launched the CareSensus program in the USA, designed with support from CIID. A home monitoring service for the elderly, CareSensus enables a long desired solution for many senior citizens… to age comfortably, and safely, at home.

Many of us with ageing parents and grandparents face obstacles to provide the necessary care and assistance to our loved ones. Our work, location, financial constraints and multiple responsibilities often mean that many retirees live increasingly independent lives until a level of support is needed which can’t be provided by their surrounding network.

CareSensus creates a safety net that facilitates independent living and provides peace of mind to friends and family. Through an unobtrusive set of sensors placed in strategic locations within the home, CareSensus uses sensitive algorithms to detect breaks in behavourial patterns that elevate potential health risks and trigger early interventions.

As part of the ongoing collaboration between CIID and Philips Healthtech Innovation, I was able to contribute to the UI and UX design on CareSensus, exploring information architecture, improved communication & usability and visual style—designing an intuitive on-screen experience for healthcare professionals.

CIID looks forward to continuing to support the project in its development and working with the talented, multidisciplinary team at Philips to improve the usability and functionality of the system.

Read more about Philips CareSensus here.