Business Challenge

‘On Time Delivery’ is the primary mission and key success metric for Maersk Line, the World’s largest container shipping company. Maersk wanted to reinvigorate its work force and raise awareness about the importance of on-time delivery by improving knowledge sharing and data transparency in the workplace.


Interviews were conducted with Maersk employees, suppliers and customers to understand behaviours and attitudes related to on time delivery and reliability. In order to get a 360 view CIID Consulting undertook field research worldwide in India, Tawain, Dubai, Italy, Rotterdam, Denmark, China and the US.

The research uncovered the need for employees to be able to curate and customise on-demand data streams relevant to their individual roles at Maersk. CIID and Maersk Line worked together to develop an implementable dashboard displaying real time delivery data and other key metrics about its international fleet.

In order to validate the solutions further research was facilitated in Shanghai, Panama and Rotterdam (3 of Maersk’s biggest shipping hubs) with Maersk employees. By gathering genuine user feedback at multiple points in the process, CIID Consulting was ultimately able to accelerate the design and development of the solutions.


CIID Consulting developed a range of solutions that spanned across different implementation time frames. Some ideas purely served as inspiration on the topic of ‘On Time Delivery’ and others were implemented immediately. The real-time data visualisation dashboard that CIID Consulting developed is now actively used in the operations room at Maersk Line in Copenhagen. It displays real time data about the progress of the Maersk Line fleet enabling operations employees and executives to monitor the International fleets.