CIID Consulting collaborated with Volvo’s internal UX design team to facilitate programs of in-depth user research in three global markets. The objective was to develop a holistic understanding of everyday driver needs in each market, explore the possibility for game-changing user experience in future Volvo vehicles and build Volvo’s internal capabilities in user-centered design. After capturing and mapping key patterns and user behaviours, CIID delivered the findings and actionable recommendations over a series of collaborative workshops with key Volvo stakeholders. Each program duration ranged from 6-8 weeks in total.

[quote from=”Erlend Kyte, UXCC Specialist”]CIID consulting have been instrumental in Volvo UXCCs mission to develop our user centred design strategy as well as supporting us in the execution of global R&D projects.

We have greatly enjoyed and benefitted from CIIDs ability to seamlessly merge with our team, understand our challenges and co create solutions and deliverables with us. Their flexibility, professionalism and capacity to communicate complexity on a “human level” is what makes CIID consulting one of our top agency collaborators.[/quote]